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The holiday season is just around the corner. You know what that means – it’s time to start thinking about your annual Christmas card! Many people opt for candid snapshots or outdoor photos. Choose something different. There’s something truly magical about a professionally done studio photography session for your Christmas card. Explore the reasons why […]

Why Studio Photography Sessions is Perfect for Your Christmas Card

What to wear to a Fall Photography Session Undoubtedly, the number one question I am asked as a professional photographer is what to wear during a photography session. Attire’s impact on photos is crucial. For fall sessions in Wisconsin and Minnesota, balance personal style with nature’s beauty. Leaves offer a backdrop—blend or contrast creatively. Let’s […]

Fall Photography Outfit Ideas

newborn photography

“I don’t want my photos to look posed,” is a sentiment echoed by many seeking heartfelt images. Luckily, there’s a photography style perfectly suited to address this desire – lifestyle photography sessions. Unlike traditional portrait sessions that may involve stiff poses and staged setups, lifestyle photography embraces the beauty of genuine emotions. It’s about telling […]

Lifestyle Photography Sessions Explained

You’ve likely heard the saying, “Time flies when it comes to kids!” Whether cradling that new baby or awaiting their arrival, it’s important to cherish these first two weeks with your newborn. Bringing your baby home for the first time can be a bit overwhelming. Here are some helpful tips from a mom in New […]

How to enjoy the first 2 weeks with your newborn | New Richmond, WI

In the fast-paced world, we live in, it’s essential to take a moment to celebrate and cherish the special bonds we share with our loved ones. A portrait session provides an opportunity to capture these precious moments in time, creating lasting memories that will be cherished for years to come. With meticulous planning and preparation, […]

Capturing Moments: A Memorable Portrait Session with Your Loved Ones

Mommy and me photography session

In the hustle and bustle of our modern lives, it’s all too easy to let the most precious moments slip away unnoticed. However, at Alabaster Photos, I believe that capturing those moments shouldn’t be complicated or overwhelming. I am dedicated to providing a seamless and effortless booking experience, ensuring you can preserve and cherish the […]

A Seamless Booking Experience

Fresh 48 photography with baby girl

I am thrilled to share the heartfelt words of one of the families who have experienced the magic of my Fresh 48 photo sessions! Here’s what they have to say about their unforgettable session: “Mandie was amazing to work with, I cannot thank her enough for the beautiful pictures. We will be working with her […]

Client Testimonial

Mommy and me portrait

These two have a special place in my heart. I have known them for so very many years. It is a great privilege to photograph them as Greay is graduating from middle school and moving into high school. A milestone that is quickly passed over. I can remember moving from middle school to high school […]

Kayla + Greay – Family Photos 2023

Being in front of a camera can make even the most confident individuals feel a little self-conscious. However, with a few simple techniques and a bit of practice, you can conquer your camera shyness and project a natural and authentic presence. In this blog post, I’ll explore some tips to help you feel more at […]

How to Be More Natural In Front of the Camera: Unleash Your Authentic Self

When it comes to booking an outdoor photo shoot, it’s important to consider various factors to ensure that your images turn out stunning. While many people assume that the afternoon is the ideal time due to abundant sunlight, it’s actually one of the worst times for outdoor photography. In this blog post, I will explore […]

Best Times To Book Your Outdoor Photo Session for Stunning Results