Best Times To Book Your Outdoor Photo Session for Stunning Results

When it comes to booking an outdoor photo shoot, it’s important to consider various factors to ensure that your images turn out stunning. While many people assume that the afternoon is the ideal time due to abundant sunlight, it’s actually one of the worst times for outdoor photography. In this blog post, I will explore the best time to schedule your outdoor photo session and why the golden hour is the photographer’s favorite.

The afternoon light may seem appealing due to its brightness, but it often creates harsh and unflattering shadows. Despite efforts to mitigate these shadows with diffusers or shade, the overall result may not be ideal. Therefore, it’s crucial to explore alternative timing options for your outdoor shoot.

Enter the Golden Hour. Photographers universally agree that the golden hour is the best time to capture outdoor shots. The golden hour refers to the hour just after sunrise or the hour just before sunset when the sun is at its lowest point in the sky. During this period, the light becomes soft and diffused, resulting in less contrast and fewer shadows.

What are the benefits of the Golden Hour? Besides the favorable lighting conditions, the golden hour offers additional advantages for your outdoor photo session. Firstly, there are typically fewer people around during these hours, reducing the chances of unwanted distractions or photobombers. Secondly, the sun’s warm glow during this time enhances the background and brings out intricate details, adding depth to your images.

To make the most of the golden hour, it’s important to plan your session accordingly. The timing of sunrise and sunset varies each day, so you’ll need to stay updated. From March to July, the sun rises earlier and sets later, while from August to December, it rises later and sets earlier. Additionally, the duration of the golden hour may differ based on your location. Generally, as you move closer to the equator, the golden hour may be shorter due to the sun’s faster ascent, leading to harsher light.

Embrace the early morning. While waking up early for a photo shoot may not initially sound appealing, the images you capture during the golden hour are worth the sacrifice. Many photographers and parents have found that scheduling family shoots earlier in the morning yields better results and meets with less resistance from children. So, keep this in mind when planning your next outdoor shoot.

When it comes to outdoor photography, the golden hour reigns supreme. By booking your photo session during this magical time just after sunrise or before sunset, you’ll enjoy soft, diffused light that enhances your images. Remember to consider the changing times of sunrise and sunset throughout the year and adapt your schedule accordingly. Embrace the beauty of the golden hour and create stunning outdoor photographs that will leave a lasting impression.

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Best Times To Book Your Outdoor Photo Session for Stunning Results