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"There is a vast difference between taking a picture and making a photograph. You take a photograph, but you make a picture. When you take a picture, you capture a moment. When you make a photograph, you give a moment. It's about revealing something that has been hidden or unnoticed, and making it seen." - Anonymous

Hi! I'm Mandie Schug of Alabaster Photos and my studio is located in the heart of New Richmond. I am a wife and mother of two amazing little girlies.  I value integrity, passion, and fun!  It brings me such joy to capture your family, your life stages, and your joys. And it means that when you are in front of MY camera, we are going to laugh and have fun as I get to know you and capture what makes YOU light up inside.


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We were long over due for family photos and I’m so glad we found Mandie to take them! Mandy was helpful during the booking process by answering questions quickly. During the shoot, she made the entire family at ease. She included my children by letting them pick a few of the spots on the trail for pictures which they loved doing. Our pictures were edited very quickly and they turned out gorgeous. We are so happy with them. Thank you!

Megan B
New Richmond, WI

In my photography sessions, my ultimate goal is to truly see and hear the people I photograph. I strive to create an experience that goes beyond capturing their physical appearance. I want you to feel as if you have engaged in a heartfelt and uplifting conversation with a dear friend.

If you live in the twin cities and are looking for unique and beautiful landscapes to capture, a rural setting could be just what you need. Rural areas are typically characterized by open spaces, rolling hills, and serene natural surroundings that offer plenty of opportunities for capturing stunning images. 

Twin Cities Families Looking for a Rural Photo Setting

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Grief has a way of permeating every aspect of our lives, leaving us searching for solace and healing. For me, that journey led me back to photography, a passion I had once set aside.

Embracing Grief and Finding Healing Through My Photography Business Journey


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