Wisconsin newborn photographer

Have you ever paused to wonder what makes certain photos stand out, evoking strong emotions or captivating your attention with just a glance? While pictures of loved ones or cherished places naturally tug at our heartstrings, there’s a unique blend of elements in exceptional photos that breathe life into them, compelling us to take a […]

Six Things That Make a Photo Beautiful

The holiday season is just around the corner. You know what that means – it’s time to start thinking about your annual Christmas card! Many people opt for candid snapshots or outdoor photos. Choose something different. There’s something truly magical about a professionally done studio photography session for your Christmas card. Explore the reasons why […]

Why Studio Photography Sessions is Perfect for Your Christmas Card

No means no. Even at your birth. When I had my first baby, I legit didn’t know my rights as the patient and mother. I didn’t know I could say no So, what is informed consent? Basically it means, you’ve been given the benefits and risks of a medical decision by your provider and you […]

Choice in birth