Choice in birth

No means no. Even at your birth.

When I had my first baby, I legit didn’t know my rights as the patient and mother. I didn’t know I could say no

So, what is informed consent? Basically it means, you’ve been given the benefits and risks of a medical decision by your provider and you get to decide what you want to do.

This looks like your provider…

  1. Describing the intervention & the benefits of it.
  2. Discussing potential alternatives & explaining risks involved with the intervention
  3. Giving you the chance to make your decision or ask questions.

“I am going to check you” is not informed consent.

“If you don’t deliver by 40 weeks, we’ll schedule an induction” is not informed consent.

“Your baby is measuring big so we’re going to schedule a cesarean” is not informed consent.

“You’re not allowed to XYZ” is not informed consent.

There is NO right or wrong choice in birth girl! You do you! But, it IS wrong when you weren’t given the proper information to exercise informed consent at your birth!

This is why I’m such a fan of qualified, trained and ethical birth douals to help you navigate birth!





Choice in birth