Photographer’s: What They’re Not Responsible For

In photography, it’s essential to establish clear expectations and responsibilities between clients and photographers. While photographers play a crucial role in capturing memorable moments, it’s equally important for clients to understand what falls outside the scope of a photographer’s responsibilities. Let’s delve into what your photographer is not responsible for.

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Weather Conditions

Photographers are not meteorologists; they have no control over the weather. While they can adapt to various conditions, unexpected changes such as rain or harsh sunlight are beyond their control. Clients need to have a backup plan in case of inclement weather. As your photographer, I will keep an eye on the weather and keep in communication with you on options.

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Your photographer is not responsible for wardrobe choices

Selecting the perfect outfit for a photoshoot is the client’s responsibility. While a photographer can offer guidance and suggestions, the final decision lies with the client. It’s crucial to communicate beforehand about the desired look and style to ensure that the clothing choices align with the vision for the photos. It is also the responsibility to make sure the wardrobe is prepped, for example, steamed or ironed. Your photographer cannot be expected to ‘photoshop out the wrinkles’. If you would like wardrobe suggestions, please check out more on my blog.

Subject Cooperation

Photographers rely on the cooperation of their subjects to capture beautiful and authentic moments. However, they can’t control every aspect of a shoot, especially if the subjects are uncooperative or unwilling to follow directions. Clients should communicate openly and work collaboratively with their photographers. If you have one child or more, it is helpful if you bring an extra person to your session who can assist with them. Plan for the best time of day for your child, either in the morning or after a nap. As a child-led photographer, I will do my best to get you the ‘ONE’ image you are hoping for, but I also know with years of experience that may not be possible.

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Your photographer is not responsible for background elements

Photographers focus on framing their subjects, but they can’t control every element in the background. Unintended objects, bystanders, or other environmental factors may appear in the photos. Clients should choose locations carefully and be understanding of the unpredictable nature of outdoor shoots. Again, in the world of ‘can you photoshop that?’, it is not reasonable to expect that your photographer will do extra editing without compensation.

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Location Permits and Permissions

If your dream photoshoot location requires permits or special permissions, it falls on the client to secure them. Photographers are not responsible for obtaining permits or permissions for specific shooting locations. Clients should research and communicate any necessary paperwork or restrictions associated with their chosen venue.

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Editing Preferences

Photographers have their artistic style, and post-processing is a subjective aspect of their work. Clients may have specific editing preferences, but it’s essential to understand that photographers retain creative control over their final edits. Communication is key to aligning expectations regarding the editing process. Make sure to have a conversation when you book your photo session with your photographer about your desires in the final images to make sure it is a fit. Photographers are also not going ‘to photoshop out’ red marks, scratches, tattoos, and body change requests without you talking to them beforehand and understanding what extra costs may be involved.

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Delivery Timeline

While photographers strive to deliver images promptly, unforeseen circumstances may cause delays. These can include personal emergencies, technical issues, or an influx of work. Clients should have realistic expectations of the delivery timeline and communicate with their photographer for updates. Please communicate with your photographer when you would like to have your images and book your session well in advance of when you need your images to ensure you give your photographer enough time to deliver them to you.

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Your photographer is not responsible for print quality

If clients choose to print their photos independently, the photographer is not responsible for the printing quality. Different printing services may yield varied results, and the responsibility falls on the client to choose a reputable printing provider. Improve Photography wrote a great blog post comparing print labs for you to check out.

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Timeline and Delays

While photographers strive to capture the perfect moments efficiently, unforeseen delays can occur. Whether it’s due to traffic, unexpected events, or other factors beyond the photographer’s control, clients should be prepared for potential timeline adjustments. Communication is key in these situations to ensure a smooth and stress-free experience. Your photographer is also not responsible if those who are going to be photographed are late. You have booked your photographer for a certain time, be sure that everyone being photographed is on time.

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Building a successful photographer-client relationship requires clear communication and a realistic understanding of each party’s responsibilities. By acknowledging what photographers are not responsible for, clients can approach their photoshoots with a greater appreciation for the collaborative effort required to create lasting memories.





Photographer’s: What They’re Not Responsible For