Healing Through being Newborn Photographer

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Grief has a way of permeating every aspect of our lives, leaving us searching for solace and healing. For me, that journey led me back to newborn photography, a passion I had once set aside. My choice to begin a photography business brought healing, and connection with others, and honored my late father’s memory.

Newborn Photographer – the Unexpected Path

In the hospital waiting area, I anticipate capturing the miracle of birth and realizing the remarkable privilege I’ve been given. It feels surreal to be part of such an intimate and life-changing moment for this family. Photography has become an unexpected and essential part of my journey to healing from years of pain and trauma.

Starting a small business was never my initial goal. My primary desire was to rediscover the joy of capturing moments, meeting new people, and listening to their stories. Others’ stories energize me, and newborn photography became a perfect way to foster these significant connections and interactions.

In the midst of my healing, the memory of my father continues to guide and inspire me. His constant support for my newborn photography vanished with his unexpected demise a year ago, creating a deep emptiness. However, his presence seems to manifest itself in unexpected ways, reminding me that he is still with me. In the waiting area, I sat beside a mom and her two-week-old, coincidentally named Walter, my late father’s name. Coincidences like these serve as poignant reminders of his enduring love and support.

Newborn Photography and the Healing it Brings

Grief is a relentless companion that cannot be ignored or suppressed. It lingers beneath the surface, ready to overwhelm us when we least expect it. In my journey, I have learned to acknowledge and embrace my grief, rather than living in denial. I hide it well and function despite it, yet sometimes, I face the pain directly, embracing its role in healing.

Through my newborn photography business and the healing power of art, I have witnessed transformative changes in my own life. As I capture the essence of people and their stories, I find solace and inspiration. Every shutter click freezes moments and propels me forward on the healing journey, encapsulating both time and progress.

Grief has an uncanny way of shaping our lives and redirecting our paths. Starting a photography business for healing evolved into a platform connecting me with stories, honoring my father’s memory. Newborn photography guides me through grief, unveiling hope in unexpected places, and fostering healing and growth.

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Newborn photography by Mandie Schug

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Healing Through being Newborn Photographer