Fresh 48 Prep Guide
As a mom of two kids, I know how demanding the hustle and bustle of life can be. Allow me to step in behind the scenes while you are in recovery and capture your intimate, new moments with your little human.

Walking through the door of a recovery room and seeing parents interact with their new family member is my favorite part about my job. I’ve been there in those shoes before as a new mom. These are moments you won’t want to forget. I am humbled every time parents choose me, and I can’t wait to capture your little blessing!


Just like newborns, I too, am short and sweet! My signature style is natural, dreamy, light, and in-the-moment. I find when I shoot families in their natural element, the results are breathtaking. I think of myself as a minimalist, meaning I limit poses and structure. I encourage you to relax and do your own thing. Let family come and meet the little one, change a diaper, practice breastfeeding, or just simply snuggle. These delicate moments all deserve to be captured!


This is a brief photo session (typically about 30 min). This sweet time is sacred. There is something so magical about the period between when a baby is born, and the time that baby leaves the hospital. Following the excitement and thrill of birth, the first 48 hours of the baby’s life is a time of peace and quiet. Having these fresh photos taken will capture their wrinkly toes, button noses, and tiny fingers! This is a sweet and intimate session of the first beginnings of your family. While still at the location of the place of birth, I will arrive to capture all the tender, new moments of welcoming the new addition as a complete family; siblings and extended family included! These sweet, candid shoots are lovely for remembering that extraordinary, yet fleeting time forever. 


Your time at the hospital is fast, and you just had a baby! You are likely sleep deprived, in pain, or dealing with non-stop hospital staff and visitors checking on you. This can make your whirlwind of a day somewhat blurry. Having the fresh 48 session allows you this time to pause in that moment of time, in the raw, not staged or forced. Skip the poor-quality cellphone photographs. Having a professional capture your session will ensure beautiful images of you and your family. You want to be present and in the moment! Always remember the way they looked tightly swaddled, with rosy cheeks, and the tiny hospital hat placed on their heads. Babies will never be this new again.


Fresh 48s are one of my favorite sessions to do! How could anyone not love to photograph a sweet, newborn baby? If you booked your session and need pointers, you are in luck. I have prepared tips for your guidance! First and foremost, schedule as soon as you can! Upon labor and delivery recovery, go ahead and contact me as soon as possible while you are still at the birthing location. This gives me notice of your birth and where you are located. Shortly before the session, be sure to feed your little one. Having a full belly means having a happy baby! 

If you want nursing or feeding pictures, we can definitely incorporate this at the beginning. 

If you want to bring accessories, go for it. Anything you want to include in the fresh 48 session make sure to put in your getting ready bag for the hospital. Bows, special onesie, and embroidered hats all provide great detail. Gather anyone who wants to be included in the session. 

Your session can be scheduled to include siblings, grandparents, or just you and your significant other if that is what you want. This is a special time you don’t want to forget!

Last but certainly not least, plan on comfortable outfits. I recommend something with a relaxed feel - natural and soft colors. Jeans are an excellent option for dads, while moms can wear their laid-back robes or flowy dresses. If you had a C-section, no worries. You don’t even have to leave your hospital bed!

All Fresh 48s are unique experiences and are all wonderful in their own special ways. If you have any further questions, please feel free to email, call, or text me!

For more photo session prep tips, visit my blog.


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“A fresh 48 photography session can give you the opportunity to share the beauty of what can be a whirlwind in the hospital with a family who might be too sleepy and overwhelmed to remember it all!"

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